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1922 Chevrolet Series 490

During wholesale football jerseys Durant's tenure, cheap mlb jerseys Chevrolet had relied mainly on the 490, gradually discontinuing the larger cars. For 1920, Series 490 underwent little modification, except that reverse cheap jerseys wholesale curve front fenders replaced the straight cheap nhl jerseys type, and headlights now sat directly on those fenders. Series FB also continued with little change.

Moving into 1921, Chevrolet dropped David Njoku Jersey
from third to
fifth place in sales, losing $8.7 million. Worse yet, it finished the season with 150,000 unsold 490s. Customers evidently had come to realize that the 490 simply wasn't as tough as a T Ford. "Some day you'll own a Chevrolet," advised one ad, but too many shoppers ignored that fantasy, sticking with Ford or turning to other makes.

price cuts for 1922 helped stimulate sales, which tripled, returning Chevrolet to second place. A $680 Utility Coupe with a big trunk joined the 490 line, aimed at Zaire Anderson Jersey
traveling salesmen, but the long lived 490 was about Shannon Sharpe Jersey
to expire, as Chevrolet had a far cheap jerseys wholesale different idea for 1923.

1920 Facts1920 Series 4901921 Series 4901922 Series 490captivating articles on the best sports cars from around the world.

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