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I am happy to inform that I am writing a series for Sruti magazine on Musicians of Kerala- i.e great musicians, but who have not made their mark in Chennai. Pl see the following introductory para.
The land of Parasurama and Swati Tirunal has got a rich musical legacy. It has given birth to many musicians of repute of varying levels of popularity and success. From the immediate past, we remember the great musicians like Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar, Palghat Rama Bhagavatar, Palghat Mani Iyer, M.D.Ramanathan and K.V.Narayanaswamy. Quite apart from these famous personalities, there were and are many musicians- vocalists and instrumentalists who chose to remain within their own State for varying reasons and hence did not receive great adulation outside the State of Kerala. Name, fame and wealth eluded such musicians. But they have remained contented in their place performing to local audience, teaching and may be a job in a school/ college/All India Radio. They are in no way inferior to other musicians who could make it big before the music lovers of Tamil Nadu. Through this series of articles, I will try to showcase some excellent musicians who have not received the due acclaim or recognition in their life time.
This will be published every month from May onwards. This month, it is about Prof.Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran. Many more musicians will be featured in the ensuing months. Those who are subscribing to Sruti magazine, kindly spare some time to go through and give me your comments.

Any help will be apprecited.

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